NOT ONLY THEORY… ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN PRACTICE!Not only theory… entrepreneurship in practice!

As we always try to show our students (Gymnasium France Prešeren Kranj – GFP secondary school) how the business really works, we organised an educational trip to family owned company in Kras region (Povir). A company that produces products from original slovene lavander. The owner of the company Renčelj explained us his succes story from idea to final product(s) on shelves. With all the troubles in between 🙂 The business world is not always easy.

Not only cosmetic products, students had the possibilty to try home made lavander cookies and lavander tea. But the best thing was the demonstration of the destillation proces. The final product – lavader essential oil – made us fall in love with this enchanting flower.

It is important to respect, cherish and buy local products! Small family owned businesses represent the majority of the companies in Slovenia and we should be proud of that. 

Špela Rakovec, Gimnazija Franceta Prešerna