On Tuesday, February 14th 2023, 3rd grade students and I took advantage of a beautiful and festive day and carried out a lesson outdoors. The topic of the lesson was revising the past tense with songs – since it was Valentine’S Day we focused mainly on love songs. The selected songs were: Juanes: “La Camisa Negra”; Shakira: “Me enamoré” and Sebastián Yatra: “Tacones Rojos.”

The students were divided into six groups and each was given a piece of paper on which the incomplete text of one of the songs was written. Verbs were missing in the texts, so the students had to listen to the song and find the missing verbs around the school atrium. Furthermore, the verbs had to bo put into the right form as well.

When we finished the first part, we continued the lesson in the classroom, where we checked if they solved the task correctly. Then we watched the videos.

In the end, we achieved all the learning objectives, the students practiced the past tense – regular and irregular verbs – and they met three Colombian performers.

Zymryte Ademaj, Gimnazija Franceta Prešerna