At the beginning of March, we walked the Path of Three Bells with students from 2nd to 7th grade. The trail is suitable for hikers of all ages, so we didn’t have any problems either.

The route is circular and runs between Sebenje, Novaki, Golnik and Žiganja vas and is approximately 9 kilometres long. Since it is circular, you can choose any starting point. So we started from Golnik.

Parents took care of transportation to the starting point, and some students took a regular bus line to our starting point.

A cold and foggy winter morning called for warm clothes, but luckily, walking quickly warmed us up and the fog slowly disappeared too.

The route led us across Golnik, through Udin boršt, Žiganja vas, Sebenje, back through Udin boršt and past the paragliders’ landing site to the starting point at Golnik.

Along the way, we stopped at all three bells, rang the bell there, and took two longer and one shorter breaks for refreshments.

On the way, we admired a 500-year-old linden tree and hugged it together. Along the way, we got to know the characteristics of this area, admired the first harbingers of spring and answered questions, and admired the beautiful Julian Alps, Karawanks and Kamnik Alps.

The trip was wonderful and full of beautiful experiences. The vast majority of participants walked along the Path of the Three Bells for the first time.

On the trip, we moved in nature, learned about the rules of walking in a group, experienced rapid changes in the weather, as the foggy and cold morning soon turned into a wonderful warm sunny day. Along the way, we also learned about life in the forest, and even though it was just a walk through the forest, many curious eyes have already noticed what is happening in nature and its awakening from winter sleep.

Petra Mali, OŠ Franceta Prešerna Kranj