French macaroons

French macaroons are one of the most recognizable desserts, however, making them is anything but easy. It requires a lot of time, precision, the right ingredients and good instructions, thus we learned from the best – chef Naser Gashi, the French master, who creates at the La Ganache confectionary in Ljubljana. He revealed to us some of the secrets of the French “patisserie” and masterfully demonstrated the process of creating chocolate macaroons from carefully selected, natural ingredients. Afterwards, we got down to business. Not only were our macarons a complete success, they were also truly divine and the chef also praised the French of the students of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th year. We learned where the word spatula comes from and learned a bunch of new ones, with the help of which baking according to French recipes will no longer be a problem.

Did you know that whipped cream is well whipped when it forms “le bec d’oiseau” (bird’s beak) on the whisk?

An exciting experience, a wonderful afternoon and… chocolate macaroons in a “take away” box. Delicious!

Written by: Natali Duhovnik, GFP