In May, 2nd graders went on a three-day camp to Zgornji Zavratnik, a tourist farm above Luče.

There they learned about life in the countryside, domestic animals and the surrounding forest. The pupils were also visited by a forester and on a walk through the forest they learned about the local trees and the differences between them, as well as other interesting things about life in the forest.

Of course, there is no shortage of movement at such a camp, and the children used every moment to run in front of the farm, catch and play other games. They also got to know local crafts and tried theirselves at making baskets and making woollen yarn from sheep’s hair to wool.

They also visited the Logarska dolina and climbed to the Rinka waterfall, which falls majestically into the valley.

Unfortunately, many children cannot afford such visits with their families, so the camps are an ideal opportunity to get to know the beauties of our homeland, while also learning a lot of new things. Children become more independent, since there are no parents running around them and fulfilling their every wish, and they also get used to staying with each other.

Petra Mali, OŠ Franceta Prešerna Kranj