MM, CM, DM, M, KM …

“Well, not those measurement units again”, this is the most common statement when announcing that we will deal with meters, kilograms, seconds, litres, … “But how are we supposed to remember how many centimetres are in one meter, or how many grams are in one kilogram, how many decilitres go into one litre?!”

That’s why we started our work a little differently, right outside on our basketball court. Each 6th grade student made one square meter and with our efforts, we measured and calculated the size of our playground by laying meters and square meters.

To make it even more interesting, we first estimated the length and size. Our estimates were completely wrong in the vast majority of cases. From the length of only 5 meters to 120 meters. In the end, we measured that the actual length is 29 meters and the width is 16 meters. To cover the entire playground, you would need as many as 464 students with their square meters.

Petra Mali, OŠ Franceta Prešerna Kranj